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United Nations recognizement letter to Juanjo Bilbao @esaccesibleapp for his collaboration with #Lleida's City Council major @AngelRos @Paerialleida in the cities Accesibility rights

Here you can read the original letter UN special delegate Lenin Moreno has sended Juanjo Bilbao for his direct collaboration with Lleida City Council Major Angel Ros, in their joint effort for giving people with disabilities a way to know the accesibility acces of public places and businesses, a project that has worldwide reach.

A real honour for all the people on this project:

In English:

Geneve 15th may 2014
Mr. Juanjo Bilbao
EsAccesible App

I'm grateful knowing the press release from Lleida City Council where Mr. Angel Ros, City Major, explains your joint project about new technologies and smart cities and the integration of people with disabilities trough EsAccesibleApp, project that I would like to congratulate for the very important task in rating accesibility to the local places in the city.

Also I would like to congratulate you personally, Mr. Bilbao, for your project EsAccesibleApp huge growth, with near 4.000 public places rated around the world.

In my responsability as a special delegate from the United Nations for the disabled and accesibility, I would like to offer you my help and support in all the tasks that reflect a better accesibility and inclusion activities for people with disabilities around the world.


Lenin Moreno G.
Special delegate from the United Nations
for disabilities and accesibility.


In this  post you can read about the presentation event in Lleida.

And in this the announcement of a Google Glass aplication with this use in mind.