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Going forward with #GoogleGlass helping to the people with disabilities @EsAccesibleAPP @Mundoglass_es @Ponent2002 and #Lleida City Council major @AngelRosDomingo @LeninMorenoG

Good news: today may 22th, the Google Glass team has sended us an email with the acknoledgment that our request for a new command to rate places for people with disabilities has been accepted and will be native on every Google Glass.

And the command will be:

"add a review"

Those commands are the ones that Glass have directly recognizable without the need to acceed to the internet, with high quality voices.

The voice  command for our project will be something like:

"OK Glass, Add a review, EsAccesibleApp"

Then this is the perfect moment to announce the ongoing project that MundoGlass our Glass startup with colleagues Carlos and Ander,  EsAccesibleAPP Juanjo Bilbao's project, Ponent 2002 my company next to our initiative Glass Lleida Developers, and the Lleida City Council Ayuntamiento de Lleida, to bring his It's Accesible App to the Google Glass, a project that already has thousands of places rated around the world.
Also, in a pure Open Data and Smart City initiative, joining efforts and data from both databases:
Juanjo's app is being linked with the EAccesible project from Lleida's City Council, La Paeria, both ways.

This effort will allow people from around the world to use Google Glass to rate places, giving those precious information to coming visitors with disabilities, and the most important: being a factor of consideration for all kind of businesses: the accesibility is a right and a must.

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