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LleidaDrone presence at the Commercial UAV Show 2019

The past November 12 and 13th LleidaDrone have the opportunity to be at the largest Drone event in Europe, the Commercial UAV Show. For third year we attended the event, doing a public presentation of project Dronecoria where we are partners from the beginning.
Also this year the organization awarded us with a booth and plenty of people stopped there to see the Dronecoria Drone and videos about the system flying.

 We have a spot for the ROV projects we developed at the Scientific Park of Lleida and also in Candelaria, Tenerife, having a reference to their students and some rovs mockups.

Dronecoria was the main project show, with a dronecoria drone, a large poster and another poster of the IA we developed past summer for the project.

At the theater we presented all of our activities and the whole project Dronecoria.