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LleidaDrone Intelligence will showcase his projects at The Commercial UAV Show in London and other events

This is our new motto: LleidaDrone Intelligence.

It's been created to spread the word about new technologies next to the drones such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Edge Computing and many more.

Under this, LleidaDrone will be showing up his projects on different events in the second 2019 semester and so on, most of them in collaboration with the Liquid Galaxy LAB, from the TIC Laboratories at the Scientific Park of Lleida, and some great partners.

Artificial Intelligence applications for project Dronecoria:

- Cloud based AI engine for Dronecoria, Machine Learning model based on Google's Tensorflow and Keras, that will help analyze drone and satellite images and define what would be a  good route for our seeding process with the Dronecoria drone.

Developed by student Marcel Porta

- Edge AI engine for Dronecoria, Use of the Coral Edge TPU for realtime classification of the burnt areas in forest.

- Self Learning AdventuRe, a Augmented Reality game that will showcase plenty of the Agriculture 4.0 uses cases, next to project Inno4Agro.

The upcoming events where all this projects will be showcased are:
- Candelaria Drone Festival, last weekend of august 2019, in Tenerife island, Spain.
- Fira de San Miguel, last week of september, in Lleida, Spain.
- The Commercial UAV Show, mid november in London, UK.