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Promoting @Project_Tango @lyang #projecttango among developers and explaining my ongoing projects with this technology

In the past weeks I've had the opportunity to show up Project Tango from Google to hundreds of developers and interested people. Due to my many relationships with Google, I've a unique and original Project Tango unit, and besides the diferent projects we're working on, I'm presenting this technology in different talks I give usually at Google and other events.

This past friday the talk was at the Devfest Barcelona 2015, where 50 students and teachers from the UAB university in Barcelona, most of them from the Computer Vision Center, atended the talk and live demo in Cerdanyola UAB enormous Campus.

El aula que más molaba, la de NO CODE, en el pasado #DevfestUAB foto esférica @gdgbarcelona @gdgtarragona @gdglleida #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

During this talk I introduced also to the audience the new partners Google is getting onboard, such as Intel with his RealSense technology.

Some use cases were live demoed, such as games, where the virtual world shines due to the ability of Tango of knowing his location in the space in full 3d location:

And also demoed some of the special abilities, like measuring, and why not, doing some Minecraft cube construction again.

A few days ago I was at at the 7th Professional and Amateur LleidaDrone Conferences, well really I'm the main organizer, and also moderator and curator, and I gave a presentation including the uses we have in mind and working on for Project Tango.

Before this the Project Tango, and other RV/AR technologies from Google, was presented at the Open Conferences held by GDG Spain in Zaragoza.

And the very first presentation at the Tenerife TLP Innova talks, past july:

Happy asistentes a las charlas @gdg_es Google en @TLPInnova esféricamente hablando #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

where I had also the opportunity to give to my friend and well know industry creator and Atari founder, Nolan Buhsnell, the Project Tango, to be shown in his master class at the event, and also create some interest to use it in his upcoming projects, so.. stay tuned !!!

Here the clever tweet from Mark Pisczcor regarding this

Here with Nolan and Ian Livingstone:

And last but never least, here you can see our HoA from GDG Lleida, where I'm lead organizer, and GDG Tenerife and GDG Cáceres, talking about Project Tango:

And to finish, announce more events will come soon with similar actions:

- At the VR event I'm co-organizing at new and cool Google Campus Madrid, next december 11.
- At the 8th Professional and Amateur LleidaDrone Conferences, that will be also held at same venue.
- At the Contart  2016 Congress in Granada, Construction technologies biggest congress in Spain.

And more to come, just follow me on my networks and stay informed !