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Heading again for #Google I/O 2014, #SanFrancisco #California , a repeating honour for third year in a row

I feel fortunate to be one of the 6.000 unique persons from around the world that will have the opportunity to be at Google I/O 2014, with  first hand news and experiences from Google, and what's more important, sharing lots of moments with new and interesting people in the technology cradle, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

This year I'll be also attending for first time the GDG summit at Mountain View, the days before the I/O, where some hundreds of Google Developers Group leaders from around the world will meet.
In representation of GDG Lleida, and next to my coleagues from Vigo, Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca, we'll be there:
2013 summit groupo photo

And now, heading the future, let's take a look at the past I/Os:

(We'll miss you, Vic)

My first I/O was 2012, the year that Google Glass come flying through San Francisco skies. I was there helping my coleagues of End Point corp and Andrew Leahy from Western Sidney University, in building a 4 x 85" Liquid Galaxy to show up the new Google Earth with 3d imagery.

At the rig with Lleida on the screens

All LG team

At Mountain View maps building and Street Car (a must have photo)

Here's my 2012 post

2013 was next, and Glass finally was in hand of early adopters one year after reservation.

Larry Page keynote was so sentimental, as his robotic voice and speech, emotioned everyone there.

With the Trekker

My well known photo with Glass and Google logo
(Thanks to EP's Matt !!!)

Here's my 2013 post 

This year also will be different, as my Google activities have increased by a 1.000% and a I have a even tighter agenda of meetings and things to do.

Do you think a 1.000% is too much ? let's resume those briefly:

- Liquid Galaxy, with many events, speeches and hours at the Liquid Galaxy LAB I founded.
And many events attended with tens of thousands visitors exposed to LG with the portable Moving Liquid Galaxy unit.

- Google Summer of Code program, with two succesful Lleida students in 2013, and three now on the 2014 program. Lots of hours mentoring those guys, and doing dissemination activities for the Google OSPO program, as the 300 computer technology university students a month ago in RITSI event Córdoba, Spain, or the great experience at Bucarest, helping spread the Liquid Galaxy program, next to Carol Smith, GSOC programa manager, and lovely Rumania Google's office team.

- Google Developers Group Lleida, GDG Lleida,
That I founded just coming back from Google I/O 2013 after having a good time with old partner Andrés Leonardo, aka almo, now Google DevRel for Spain, and the guys from other spanish GDG attending the I/O.  Lots of succesful events, speeches and good days have going on this past year, and lots more are coming non stop.

- Google Glass
With MundoGlass colleagues Carlos and Ander, with a year full of events, speeches, and looking for Glass future, both in business and use cases for everyone.
Doing actions like the latest one
with almost 5 millions press impacts in Spain.

- Lots of Speeches about Google mainly.

- And thanks to all action lots and lots of mainstream media impacts and of course more in social media.

And many more things not remembering today.

And never remember to have in print or in mind those nice words from the Holstee Manifesto:

See you in San Francisco and Silicon Valley in mid june.
And follow my #aio2014 hashtag on instagram, Twitter and of course Google+.