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A immersive 360 degree photo activity in #lleida

--- Los que no os sintáis a gusto con mi inglés, usad el traductor de Google en el lateral derecho :--)  ---

Past november I received the Street View camera that Google through our colleagues of End Point corp send us on behalf the great collaboration we have.

In those six months many actions have been done:

- First we build lleida360.com, a web site, Blogger powered, that will host initially all the photos we take.  A nice logo was created by Joan, one of our students in Liquid Galaxy LAB who has a real artistic capacity:

- After some weeks analysis we decided to use Krpano as our estandar web 360 player. It was the most powerful, affordable, and also compatible with Html5, who makes it compatible with tablets and smartphones.

- Then we began to take photos around the city, but with a plan, because I always remember the phrase from one of my all time favourite movies, Hunt for Red October, when they say "Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan".
Many talks were done with many parties, and a plan was draft, and it shows a good plan with the 200 hundred diferent 360 photos and Tours now you can see in Lleida360.com and many more web sites.

Among other collaborators here are some of the most interesting actions:

- Collaboration with Lego League: the University of Lleida handled for second year the Lego League Spain, and we were therer again to cover it for Social Media and Multimedia in real time. Ladybug 3, the 360 camera, do many shots and some videos in the event, having a great fun time and learning.

- Collaboration with Lleida City Council: in our regular relationship with Lleida's city council, we undergo a major capture of restaurants and bars, for his Bars and Shops 2.0 project, under his initiative Lleida Smart Green City.

Dozens of bars and shops are being captured in 360 degrees and incorporated in webs and social media, among them city council project web pages:

- Collaboration with IES Lladonosa: in our several years relationship with many schools in Lleida, bringing boys and girls to make his practices to our company and many other actions, this high school held also a full 360 degree tour and also collaborate in taking off some outside Lleida shots.

You can also view it at his own web site: http://docents.iesjoseplladonosa.org/wp/blog/2013/02/28/visita-virtual-ins-josep-lladonosa/

Also the impressive La Llotja congress place and the riverside were shot in a tour.

In those actions with high schools more than 80 students and 15 teachers have been trained in the photo taking action with the Ladybug 3, and in the Photoshop and Krpano photo transformation and web publishing.

See here some making off shots.

And more are coming:
- Upcoming collaboration with IES Mollerussa, in the same way that with other high schools.

- Training for young people this summer: we have planned a 10 days course for 25 techie youngsters where they will be taken 360 shots of a very well know monument here, a Lleida templar fortress, and doing a full 360 tour with audio embeded, doing a story telling action of the place. Look for it at the second half of july.

- Euskal Party: we plan to do a First Lego League like action on this summer Euskal Party, Spain and almost world's biggest Lan Party, with 5.000 participants and more than 25.000 visitors.

- Some tourism shots: we have planned some photo and tour in many diferent local monuments.

- Mashup and contents for Liquid Galaxy: of course one of our goals is to have contents and show it on the liquid galaxy. One of our students is doing a mashup with the photos on lleida360.com to be shown on Lleida Liquid Galaxy (and whatever rig).

And that's all, for now, thank you for reading and see you soon.