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SFO post: I plan to be soon at the live recording of @TWiT in Petaluma

This is my first post in english, Spanish is the usual language here, but this time I want to celebrate, that Leo's sister, Eva, who's in charge of attending guest list among other tasks at TWiT's brick house (aka, the production studio), has been so kind to allowing me to enter the guest list for sunday 24th june (when I'll be there for Google I/O)

I'm a big fan of TWiT netcasts, for may years I've been listening the weekly program that Leo Laporte, the spirit of TWiT, does every sunday with losts of important hosts in the tech world.

But to be true it was the incorporation on Tom Merritt's to produce Tech News Today  (with Cnet's colleague Jason Howell again at the controls) who changed my daily listening habits to that true streaming internet tv station.

For many years I was listening every night the now defunct Buzz Out Loud from Cnet. Lovely Molly Wood and Tom Merritt were the best in town explaining technology news with a smile and a serious attitude.

30 daily and weekly shows are the hard task they do to keep us all informed around the globe. As a spaniard I know they count regularly with hosts from outside the US, and that a unknown percentage of his audience are overseas.
The iPad daily, All about Android, This week in Google and the Social hour, are the other shows I have always ready on my iPhone's Podcaster.

I'm thrilled to be at the Brick House, and salute again Leo and his great team while attending the live recording of This Week in Tech

                                          (me getting a hung from the always smiling and great
                                                         person Leo Laporte, at CES 2011)

Thank you, Eva.