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iPhone promotion at the Campus Party Europe using QR codes

If you're an iPhone user and wants to download for free my game iAttack (1$ at the App Store), you'll be able to do it finding me at the party and asking for a free download code.
Usually I'll be at the Modding area, next to the Future's Robot, and la Mameta, our Moddings, where also we'll be doing the Mameta's Tournament (spanish only, sorry), a retro videogames champisonship, where you're also invited to play.
This promotion is only valid for the first 50 users, as Apple only allows developers to give away 50 free codes :-)

I've been invited to the CPE for my Modding hobby, where I'm part of Future Works, a modders team. But I've prepared also a promotion for the projects we do in my company, IWS, related to development in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Apple platforms.

For this I'll be wearing a sweater, specially designed for Campus Party Europe, that will allow participants to download my aplications directly from his iPhone.

Here you can see the back of the sweater:

Near to look at the QR codes:

And the making of the front side, where a QR code inside an iPhone launches the web page of IDL, iPhone Development Labs, where we do develop these and many more iPhone apps.

Among others we can find "En tu Cine" ("In your Cinema"), with more than 100.000 downloads from the Spanish App Store, and now going to appear localized and with own data in seven more european countries.

And Calicofones, a funny aplication with more than 30.000 downloads with the sounds of the Calico Electrónico characters, a well known in Spain flash animation series that are also available in english in his home page and dvd.

And how you'll be able to download the apps ? As we'll be at the Campus, a place with creativity around, it will be done with QR codes. You can find a description about them in Wikipedia.org.
This QR as example, and always from your iPhone, will guide your mobile to the iTunes App Store and will show you directly the download page, all with no keyboard typing.

These simple square codes are used normally to send you to web pages. In this case with your iPhone, you'll be able to download the apps in the party, scanning the codes from the rear of my sweater, live !

To be able to read the codes you need a reader aplication. For iPhone I recomend the free Neoreader, o the Quikmark, that for a few dollars offers lots of great features as direct Vcard decoding (here you can find mine and how to decode it with Quickmark) and inserting in your iPhone agenda.

You can also try this with other phones, almost any one with a browser and a camera. To get these point your mobile browser to these urls:
Getreader:   http://getreader.com/getreader/select_make
Neoreader:    http://get.neoreader.com/

See you at Campus, and in the App Store.