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2015: What a Gigabyte year ! Collaborating with the number one PC Motherboard manufacturer of the world

This 2015 that ends has been another succesful year in my relationship with Gigabyte, and I apreciate. Let's take a look at some of the actions we have done.

The year started with the long time collaboration with the Liquid Galaxy LAB projects. Those have succes another year, and the Google's HQ in California awarded us with 4 interns for several university students. All of their projects were developed with the small but great BRIX computers.

And other equipment provided from the leader in motherboard innovation :)

Also a nice collaboration was the Computex 2015, where together my LAB colleague and friend Marc G, we gone Taiwan for an amazing week. Many pictures here

Also we have to mention the many events we attended with the Liquid Galaxy BRIX powered:

- Smart City Expo, world's largest Internet of Things fair in Barcelona, 15.000 attendees.

Interview to me with the Liquid Galaxy with the project FAED, powered by the BRIX, minute 2:40

- RLP, at the Rioja Lan Party, located in Logroño, world famous zone known for his red wines.

- At the LleidaDrone 7 Professional Conferences, with more than 150.000 attendees.

- IDD, International Drone Day 2015, worldwide drone event, Lleida team:

- LleidaDrone News, broadcast quality studio recorded video podcast about Drone technology.

Interview to Marc Gonzalez with the Liquid Galaxy and the BRIX, minute 16:57:

And many more to come !!!

Have a great 2016, 
and thanks to all the Gigabyte team. 
(Gracias Noelia!)