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Another interesting and friendly #GDG #Google #Devfest event #DevfestOPO @project_tango

Eiffel's designed bridge from Porto to Gaia, photo from the plane.

Many friends and family always ask me why I do enjoy travelling, having those really tired trips, where I have to take many transports, cars, trains, planes, to arrive to a place I don't know about usually.

Well the explanation is simple: if you stay quiet things will not happen. And to know people and have experiences you have to leave your so called comfort zone and go away.

It's been many years from my last trip to Portugal, I used to visit the country north to south by car, at least a couple of times, some visits to Lisbon and many more to Algarve, south of Portugal, due to a work there.

This time I'm back because some really nice guys in Porto have decided not only to form a Google Developers Group, a GDG, but also organize a Devfest in a month... That's a little bit crazy, because Devfest are usually big events and with many organizational issues.

They have succeed and I would like to express my congratulations for a well organized and friendly event, nice people, nice food, nice city, and the Porto wine... a perfect combination.

About 120 people, really good for a first event, have been all day long attending a 10 talks single track event, in a equilibrated way between diferent kind of tech talks. 

My talk was about Project Tango from Google. As you my followers already know, I don't speak about coding, I leave coding so many years ago that I can not say publicly what kinds of very ancient programming languages I have knowledge on :)

80 Happy developers at #devfestopo are gonna attend @project_tango talk and live demo @gdgporto #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

And after an introduction to the platform, I executed, or danced ?, a demo live on stage. Here's when the public really gets the point about the uses of Project Tango.

And you know, besides seeing some interesting talks, the always important part is share time with new people, local organizers, people on the lunch line, on the coffee breaks, and nice dinners we had, you have to know, Portuguese food is very good ! and Porto wines too.

Porto from Gaia, on the Porto wines breweries avenue

Same bridge, typical photo

Francesinha typical local meat sandwitch

Douro white wines

View of Porto
View of Porto

Also we travel 3 people from Spain, Victor Sanzchez, GDE Html5, and Sergi Martinez, GDE Android, and me. This leads us the oportunity to have some nice talks about our GDG activities in Spain:

And here you can see the group photo:
Thank you for inviting me, GDG Porto, and see you somewhere in the future.