¿ Que buscas ?

#alio2014 Can't wait to come back to @TWiT say hello again to @GinaTrapani @JasonHowell and get a smile from great @leolaporte

With Leo a few years ago at CES Las Vegas

I'm almost getting a plane to stay again at the Bay Area, and as always I'll be happy to travel an hour north of San Francisco to visit Petaluma and TWiT's brick house, for third time.

With Leo and my colleague Juan at TWiT

This will be next sunday 22th june, and I'll be at TWiT live recording with 10 colleagues from Google Developers Groups all coming from Spain. Always helping Debi already booked those seats for us.

Also I look forward to meet again Gina and Jason, that as long as I know will be at I/O.

With Gina at past GSOC summit in Mountain View past october.