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#LiquidGalaxy LAB we're again on the #Google Summer of Code, with 3 students @EPS_UDL @GigabyteSpain @BenQ_Spain @A_solar

After a hard preliminary work, with months of training on the Liquid Galaxy technology at our LAB,
project preparation and interaction with the worldwide mentors, including Europe, Australia and US, it's an honour to communicate that we've been awarded for 2nd year in a row with Google Summer of Code scholarships, this time 3 !

From right to left: Marc Gonzalez, Carlos De Dios. Ismael Arroyo, and me, Andreu Ibanez.

The students and projects accepted can be viewed at the original post.

But now comes the hard work, the true one, to go for the project to have it ready for the end of august. Also we'll be working on the possiblity for our succesful students to visit the main Google offices in Mountain View, California, as our past students do, having the opportunity to know the mentors of the Liquid Galaxy project and also the Google engineers who created it.

Thank you to everybody that supports us, beginning from the local public partners of the Liquid Galaxy LAB: Lleida's Scientific Park, the EPS, Superior Polytechnic School from the University of Lleida, and La Paeria, Lleida's city council:
Also to the other 7 mentors of the project, including End Point Corp from New York, and the University of Western Sidney:

To Google, who has helped the LAB from the very beginning:
And also to the brands that partner with us and help with various equipments:

Thanks to everybody.

Liquid Galaxy LAB
Founder and Coordinator