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London tourist walks while waiting for #CPEurope #london

Good morning everyone!
Yes, this post is being written in english, my not so perfect english, nor a Oxford one for sure, but useful. As useful as I've travelling and doing business and relationships for some hundreds of thousands kilometers around the world, from Japan, China, most of Europe to USA, and never had a problem with it :)

In our very first day of London stay I want to share with you our experiences, and I say our because with me is Joan Llimiñana, Liquid Galaxy intern and GSOC Google intern also. This is his first visit to UK and London and we're doing the usual stuff, visiting all main atractions, as you can see in our pictures.

Our arrival was hassle free with a British Airways plane. A taxi driver was waiting for us at the arrival hall, courtesy of Campus Party Europe London as a part of my speaker package.
A long trip, more than an hour at the car, bring to us to a far from the center neighborhood in London, where our very last minute hotel reservation bring us for this exciting week in London.

And the rest is a 8 hours central London walk visiting Big Ben zone, London Eye, Piccadilly sq, Trafalgar sq, Leicester sq, Covent Garden, and not too much more.
Look for a few photos, including also an Indian morning parade we attend in our area.

And a promo picture with shop asistants in Desigual Regent's shop, that want to appear as I was wearing his fabrics:

Today, sunday september 1st, a must visit to Camden market and some other main atractions are on the list.
Photos later and on my Instagram.