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Summer camp for youngsters: 360 degree historical and technological photo experience in #lleida and other #google activities

Let me first make a little bit of history:
Following our idea of awakening the technological spirit for youngsters, and always in collaboration with local authorities, we've done summer camps for 2 years now and now go for the third.

Also as we do like a lot working with Google products, we always find interesting oportunities while trying to achieve great experiences for everyone.

We organized our first summer camp in 2011, and it was about doing 3d buildings in Sketchup for Lleida. One alone building was visible at this time, and Lleida Liquid Galaxy our just born project, has almost a plain view. 
Kids were teached in Sketchup, taken photos of buildings in Lleida and several dozens were constructed and uploaded to Google Earth 3D warehouse. Lots of them were accepted and the Lleida got a little bit more 3d aspect when in Google Earth/Liquid Galaxy.

Several dozens more buildings were created also in a contest done in our Lleida Lan Party event, look for them here.

Past 2012 we choose Android as idea for the summer camp. 
Kids programming smartphones ?? Imposible !
Said the voices when I introduced the project.
But the point was that MIT was finally releasing the App Inventor project, originally created by Google, and with this technology we do with confidence the course.
25 kids were trained for 15 days and every on them programmed his own android app, with a huge applause from everyone and some really neat apps.
You can read the small blog with his experiences at http://aprenentandroid.blogspot.com.es/2012/07/ja-son-aqui.html

                                           At the press.

Next monday, in our third year now, we'll begin the new summer camp, and this year will also be a diferent one. The name is
"Spherical Histories" and the matter will be doing an interactive 360 spherical photo history with google street view like imagery and sound, in the Lleida's templar castle:

The nice point is that the photo tour will also tell an history as we'll be using our techniques from lleida360.com portal and some spots in the photos will have sound, based on a history that the own kids will create.

                                       Promotional poster.

And last but never least, smile and enjoy this video we recorded at this templar castle as a Lleida Lan Party 2011 main activity, including special effects and zombies, lots of them ! :)

More news with the result of the summer camp at the end of july.
Thank you for reading !!!

Special thanks to Jason H. and End Point's team, as without your help and support this can't happen.