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All about my trip to Google I/O 2013 before leaving US from New York's JFK airport #aio13

While Delta and KLM personnel don't stop apollogizing us for the delayed departure (it seems that plane crew are stuck in traffic ! due to rain and holiday weekend ahead) I'm gonna write in my brand new Google awarded Pixel Chromebook the last post for this trip, and what a two weeks trip !!!

Crossing my fingers for a not so late arrival to Amsterdam, I've something like 5 hours for the next plane to Barcelona. You know the adventure continues till you open again your home's door.

Part one: Google I/O 2013
Google I/O installation gone perfectly with less mess than past year (the liquid galaxy arrives on time, no logistics loss). I/O team was shorter this year, with Kiel and Matt from End Point Corporation and me, working on the core servers and structure of the lovely named by someone "Wingman Liquid Galaxy". That name comes from the inspiration on several old console games from NES and Dreamcast, under a original idea of Mano Marks, maps developer advocat at Google.

After the rig was in order, the people from Instrument (the agency behind the organization of I/O 13) come to bring the latest version of the wingman code.

For you all to know the system ran on a 8 servers Liquid Galaxy with 7 screens and another for touch controller. 

On the software side all the servers run ubuntu linux and a chromium browser, and over it the web based aplication developed by Instrument colleagues. The controller was a kinect like from Asus, the interface was your body, as you can see in this video of me doing the monkey testing it , filmed with a gopro by Matt from End Point:

Also made with the help of I/O team was the trekker. The Trekker is the name of the backpack like street view systems that Google uses to get 360 imagery from places like Venecia (fotos lluis an credit) or the gran canyon.

And finally you can see the full area of Maps in the sandbox, recorded on this Google Glass taken video:

Talking about the conference in general you can read my many posts in this blog.

A visit to San Francisco city hall was also a very interesting action, with news coming about this in the upcoming months:


Part Two: Star Trek and Maker Faire San Mateo

After packing the whole system, a 6 hours heavy work! I leave I/O to see with my friend from madrid Carlos and his always smiling wife Candela.

A few meters trip, just crossing the streets is AMC Metreon theaters. And the Imax 3d auditorium is a no questions asked, if there's something to see it has to be there ! Repeating past year experience with Prometheus, Star Trek into Darkness was a great movie. Buutttt I'm not gonna say anything else, as my friends from Spain have to wait till july for the opening, and I don t want to spoil them.

Look at my post without spoilers


This night I took Caltrain, the useful train that serves from San Francisco to Silicon Valley and gone to San Mateo, where another Airbnb apartment was awaiting for me for the coming four nights.

Saturday morning Carlos and Candela bring me graciously my big bag, and all three gone to Maker Faire, 10 minutes by car from my apartment.

Maker Faire was astonishing, a paradise for people like me and you who like to created all kind of things.

Here you can find my posts about it:

Day one at maker Faire, including the drone stuff with 3d robotics.
Day two with 6 hundreds of photos in G+.
The white boards drawings with the conference briefings

Meeting at Google

From my meeting at Google not too much can I say, those business conversations are confidential, but the post with the projectors Liquid Galaxy says a lot.


Part Three: working at End Point Corporation in New York.

On wednesday I moved to New York, where 3 days of Liquid Galaxy business related meetings wait to be held at end point corporation manhattan offices, in the Flatiron area:

Here I can t speech too much, only that meeting were so interesting, even I only had time to walk a fem hundred meter from Manhattn to take lunch or dinner, no minute left to go see Freedom Tower or even Times Square, that was a walking distance.

Photo at one of their many liquid galaxy with some of the nice guys from End Point corporation:


And if you even would like to see more, look on my  instagram or twiter with my own hashtag: #aio13

Thank you for following, hope that you have learned and enjoyed with my photos and posts.

See you again soon in US !!!