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A nice visit to Three Rings HQ in San Francisco, the makers of @SpiralKnights

Among the many things I've had the oportunity to do in my recent visit to San Francisco and Silicon Valley was make a visit to Three Rings HQ in San Francisco.

Famous for his online games Doctor Who, worlds in time, and Spiral Knights, the recently adquired by SEGA studio based in San Francisco were so kind to show me his impressive offices. And no less than his CEO, Daniel James, was the person who showed me his creative working place, I apreciate.

For the majority of you reading this it seems strange my interest in that company, because I do not play games usually. But it was due my son's Andreu, a really big fan of SK game, who asked me to make the visit.

Doctor Who police cabin acts as a door to another section of the offices:

Secret meeting room in a incredible victorian style decoration.

Decoration is simply amazing, with Puzzle Pirates inspiration.

Again I apreciate the detail of showing me the offices and having a nice chat with Daniel James. My son Andreu also likes a lot the Spiral Knight logo they gave me as a detail for my visit together a nice poster of Roarmulous twins, aka, Project-R.